Luftwaffe im Focus No 29

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54 pages, 55 photos - thereof 20 in colour, 3 colour profiles, 1 coloured emblems, 1 cloured cocument, 6 coloured maps, reader’s forum

 Fighters: When the Fw 190 D-9 Came to the Front

 Background: Operations on the Ta 152 by the Geschwaderstab and the III. Gruppe of JG 301 –

 Facts and Fiction Fates: Shot Down during a Mission over Silesia The fate of a pilot of 10./JG 77 in March 1945

 Close-Support Aircraft: 10.(Pz)/SG 9 – Anti-Tank Operations until the Final Hour

 Reconnaissane Aircraft: Necessity is the Mother of Invention! The Bf 109 G-12 in Frontline Service with NAGr. 3 Color Photos: New – Old 

 Colour Photos of Mistel Aircraft

 Scenery: The End of the Lockheed F-5E of the “Circus Rosarius”

 Nightfighters: Crash on the Way to the Frontline Unit

 Portrait: Oberleutnant Karl-Heinz Wilke, 2./NAGr. 4

 Documents: A Previously Unknown Close-Support Flier with 600 Combat Sorties

 Fighters: Rare Photos of 7./JG 3 Taken in April 1945

 Unusual: The Paper Drop Tanks Carried by American Fighters

As well as photos of Me 410 of ZG 26 with BK 5 and Fi 156 in Allied Services

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